2 Women Found This Dog In A Junkyard. They Decided To Scan For A Microchip And… OMG.

Losing a dog is one of the worst things in the world an animal lover/dog owner can experience. The same happened to this couple that lost their dog two years ago in a terrible event. An automobile accident startled this couple’s dog and he ran away. The day the dog got lost, it’s daddy was looking all over for him for the next thirteen hours.

No matter how much he was calling the name of the dog, the dog was nowhere to be found. They got really sad, but nothing could change the fact that the dog ran away, to never return.


Luckily 2women found the dog, and they started feeding him twice a day for thirteen months straight. The thing is that they could not catch the dog. until one day they decided to bring a cage, and put him inside. Once they did that they decided to look up if the dog had any microchip. Luckily he did have, and that is when these heroes called the family of the dog. Once they found out that their dog had been found, they could not believe it. After two years they thought that they would never see the dog.

But anything can happen right? Bottom line is; you never lose faith on something/someone that is still breathing. Life is just full of surprises, and finding your dog after a long time might be one of them. The following video shows the sweet reunion of this family with their beloved dog. It is really touching, yet so beautiful to watch. I hope you all enjoy this beautiful story, and do not hesitate to share with your loved ones.

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