2 Year Old Husky/Shepherd ALMOST 4 MONTHS Sitting Waiting In The Kennel!

😍 DASHER 😍 2 yr old Husky/Shepherd mix stray SINCE 5-28!💔 ALMOST 4 MONTHS sitting waiting in the kennel! 🥺 He may need a rescue. Please share to find the poor boy a way out!☹️

➡️IF INTERESTED, PLEASE SELF-SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT VIA THE WEBSITE – https://animalcare.lacounty.gov/adopt-a-pet/ ️❤️


Baldwin Park Animal Care Center
4275 North Elton Street
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
24-hr Call Center: (626) 962-3577
(Hit 5, 2, 2)
All Animal Care Centers are open by appointment only.

Shelter Staff:

Center Manager Maria Rosales MRosales@animalcare.lacounty.gov
Kennel Sgt. Frank Medina Fmedina@animalcare.lacounty.gov
Field Sgt. Brenda Leanos Bleanos@animalcare.lacounty.gov
PM OIC (Officer in charge) Gabriel Fierro GFierro@animalcare.lacounty.gov
Rescue Coordinator Rachael Acereto Racereto@animalcare.lacounty.gov

Source: Saving Baldwin Park Shelter Dogs

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