20 Dogs Who Have Mastered The Art Of Napping

The way these dogs have fallen asleep — and where they have fallen asleep — makes it obvious they have mastered the art of napping. They have this sleeping thing down to a science! Anytime, anywhere… these pups are ready and willing to catch some Zs. 😉

“You sleep around it like this, right?”

Just like a pretzel!

Feet up!

This position is well thought out. 🙂

That’s a fairly efficient arrangement!

The buddy system.

Too. Tired. To. Move.

“Ah yeah, this is the spot.”

A good story always does the trick!

The classic “napping at work” position.

“Can not figure out this sleeping device.”

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… super napper!

Group nap! 🙂

“If cats can do it, so can I!”

Now that’s a power nap!

“I’ll just use you as a pillow.”

Forget counting sheep. Start counting pigs!

Reach for the stars, doggy!

This one CAN’T be comfortable. 😀

We’ll call this one the “pup” holder.

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