20 People Are Converting Their Patios Into Safe Outdoor Hangouts For Their Pets

If you’re a cat owner, you’re gonna love the idea of a “Catio.” Just imagine your patio combined with all of the things your cat wants and needs all while being safe and sound outdoors!

Patios everywhere are getting a bit of a makeover. They are turning into Catios!

They are patio enclosures built with cats in mind. They are great for cats and their owners!

The cats are able to be outside and soak up the sun while staying out of the way of nature’s dangers.

They can run, play, smell, and nap in the safety of their own comfortable patio.

Catios include everything a cat could possibly want or need.

Surrounded by breathable mesh and covered with UV-protected roofs, you can be at peace as your feline wanders around in amazement.

They are custom built to match your home and surroundings perfectly.

Imagine your kitty roaming the catwalks all day long…

…Or just relaxing in a secluded, safe section of the great outdoors!

Humans can even join their furry pals as they live amazing, domesticated lives! 🙂

What a great addition that any cat would love. And their owners, too!

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