20 Pets Who Can’t Quite Figure Out Their Humans’ Furniture

We often take for granted the ability to sit comfortably. That may sound silly, but after you see the trouble these pets went through, you’ll never take it for granted again! These 22 pets and furniture don’t exactly agree with each other. 😀

Ah, there we go!

Something bad happened. Very bad.

This isn’t good for anybody.


Now THIS is comfortable. 😀

Umm… this doesn’t seem right.

I totally did this on purpose. 😉

This feels good on the belly.

Nothing about this is right.

Stop looking at me!

Is this what this thing is for?

Hey, we’re down here.

I have a feeling this wasn’t made for dogs.

Zzzzzzzz…… 🙂

It’s almost as if I’m levitating!

Help me. Now.

Oh hey, you’re home early.

I don’t fits, but I sits.

This is my spot.

We’re both very comfortable.

Why are you looking at me like that?

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