20 Ridiculously Adorable Weimaraners That’ll Make You Fall In Love

Weimaraners have a reputation for being a little hyperactive, but those who love them know just how majestic they can be.

I once dated a guy who had not one but TWO glorious weimaraners. He was controlling, needy, and basically the worst, but his dogs were amazing. I didn’t regret breaking up with him at all, but after seven years, I still miss those pups!

Luckily, I have weimaraners of the internet to comfort me. These 20 pups will jump, drool, and howl their way into your heart. Good luck getting through this without deciding to adopt one of your own!

1. When weimaraners are puppies, they’re so cute that it hurts.

2. Then, they grow up to be just as handsome. Is it just me, or is this the “most interesting dog in the world?”

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