20 Times Dogs Totally Forgot How To Sit

Brain farts happen to all of us. And here, these dogs totally forgot how to sit for a moment so they just went for it. Needless to say the results are pretty hilarious! What will our dogs do next? 😀

“The creation of… something”

“Couch your way, my good boy.”

“This is Rufus. This is how he likes to sleep.”

“Hello huuman!”


“That’s how proper sitting is”

“Like how is this even comfortable”

“I came home to this”

“I can sit like human too”

“I’m just gonna sit like this.”

“Was told to post this here.”

“He likes to suck on his foot before bed”

“Heard snoring from the bathroom, found him passed out like this.”

“Anywhere. You could sit anywhere”

“Rear drumsticks”

“Everyday is a new weird thing with her”

“When one sits on the wall, obviously the other has to, too.”

“Must pose like that often.” 😀

“My dog was sitting like this while being fed with a fork by her grandpa”

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