25 Dogs Who Don’t Care If They’re Invading Personal Space, They Just Wanna Cuddle

We love our dogs, and they love us back. But there are times when we need some personal space. The only problem is that dogs don’t seem to understand the concept — they just want to get comfortable and snuggle! But it’s so adorable, who’s going to tell them no? 😉

That car seat is not for you…

Sure, there’s room on the couch. 😉

Who needs an alarm clock?

Dinner for two!

There was an argument over this seat…

Now this is a soft pillow!

Hey, watcha doing?

Snuggle time with the human!

Why’d you leave us??


The cat is not pleased.

Human, where’d ya go?

Forever and always a lap dog.

What’s privacy?

Nothing like an afternoon nap…

Too big to be a lap dog? No such thing…

Sweet dreams.

Road trip!

Not this again…

Please, just five more minutes.

The struggle is real…

This works for me. Does it work for you?

You’re not going anywhere. 😛

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