25 Dogs Who Just Realized They Are Going To The Vet

Anyone who has ever had a dog of their own knows how much they hate the vet’s office. While their sadness isn’t always funny, their facial expressions are. Let’s take a closer look at some of these dogs and their reactions once they found out where they were going!

1. This cat seems to be more upset than anyone.

2. “I put my trust in you and this is how you repay me. I thought we were friends.”

3. “You’re going to get the silent treatment.”

4. Seeing a dog this size act like such a baby is too funny.

5. If dogs could talk, this one would scream.

6. Both these dogs have had different experiences…

7. “I’m not going to come out and you can’t make me!”

8. This dog’s got the right idea.

9. The eyes say it all here.

10. “If I can’t see you, that means you can’t see me, right?”

11. “Oh, so you think that this is funny? Just wait until we get home.”

12. “Yaaaay….wait a minute…”

13. “You lied to me, human. This is not the dog park!”

14. “Oh cool, we finally get to go on a car ride…Hey, wait a minute! Where are we going?”

15. There are two different kinds of dogs in this world…

16. “Turn this car around right now or I promise you that there’s going to be trouble.”

17. “If I’m underneath this chair, then there is no chance that the humans are ever going to be able to find me.”

18. We envy this dog. They seem to have found a picture perfect hiding spot.

19. They are not enthused about where they are headed and we cannot say that we blame them.

20. We’ve all experienced the ‘dead weight dog’ who decides to go limp in our arms.

21. “Now wait just a dang second, you said that we were going out for hamburgers?”

22. “So we really have to do this? We can’t just go to the park instead?”

23. “Here we go again…”

24. As for this dog, they’ve discovered the benefits of the vanishing act.

25. “If I could burn a hole in you with my eyes, I most certainly would.”

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