2,5 Years Ago, I Quit My Job And Sold Everything To Travel With My Cat Willow In A Campervan

I’ve been traveling around Australia with my rescue cat Willow in a campervan for 2,5 years now

Together we have travelled more than 50,000kms already

We left our hometown of Hobart, Tasmania back in May 2015

I sold my house, all of my possessions, and quit my job so I could take the trip of a lifetime

But one thing I couldn’t say goodbye of was this little cat so the obvious decision was to take her with me

In February 2017 we finally made it to South Australia, marking Willow’s official completion of visiting all 6 states and 2 territories of Australia!

We’ve sailed the Great Barrier Reef, camped up mountains and travelled thousands of kilometers of gravel roads from Bourketown in Queensland, all the way up to Northern Territory

Some people think it’s odd that I’m travelling with a cat, but Willow is so chilled out and absolutely loves our new lifestyle

Willow is kept safe with a tracking collar which allows me to always know where she is

With the tracking collar, I have the peace of mind that if she decides to go for a hike I will be straight onto her

She spends most of her time off the leash and is always keen to explore around our camp

We have adapted to life on the road and have made it our life now, you have to choose what makes you happy in this life and while we can keep going, why would we stop?

We have well and truly settled into the travelling life and spend our days in forests and beaches just soaking it all in

We’ve achieved so much together and seen some amazing places. I can’t imagine being on this trip without her by my side

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