26 Dogs Are Rescued From A Farm In South Korea

Twenty-six dogs were brought to America after being rescued from a farm in South Korea.

The Humane Society of the United States, which is known for saving tons of animals (who could forget about Duffy, the pooch who once couldn’t walk), stepped in to take all the helpless dogs from the meat farm.

The best part? This farm was closed for good.

“We closed this farm as it was just starting, and rescued these dogs and puppies from cold, barren cages with no hope of a future,” said Kelly O’Meara, the organization’s director of companion animals and engagement.

The dogs made it safely to the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington, DC, and will be put up for adoption with the help of other shelters.

“Like the hundreds of other dogs we’ve rescued from South Korean dog meat farms this year, we know adoptive families will welcome these dogs into their homes and make them the companion animals they deserve to be,” O’Meara added.

In the video below, we see the moment the dogs were saved. We also get to see the heartwarming reunion between two pooches who were clearly best buds on the farm.

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