27 Dogs Get A Second Chance At Life After Neighbors Report A Bad Smell

Animal control responded to a call in Lake Mathews, CA. The caller was complaining about an awful smell coming from one of the houses in their neighborhood. When the team arrived, they found 27 pit bulls who were starving in the house. There were another 12 pit bulls that had died. The owner of the house had put in jail for drug trafficking, and his wife had gone missing.

A senior public information specialist, John Welsh said that the house reeked of death. Authorities believe the dogs were being bred in the house before they were abandoned. The surviving dogs were all taken for emergency care. Some of the dogs were scared while others were happy and gave kisses to their rescuers.

Slowly, they all have recovered and are ready to be adopted. Wags and Walks would love to hear from you if you can provide one of the rescued dogs a forever home!

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