3 Week Old Boxer Puppy Discovers He Can Howl. The Entire World Should See This!

Feeling a little bit down today? We’ve got something that will make you smile and say “aaaaww”! Puppies doing things for the first time are just adorable. When they discover that they can actually do certain things is beyond cuteness!

So with no further adieu, we present to you a puppy who just learned how to howl! Everyone meet Tobias–an adorable 3-week-old Boxer puppy who just discovered that he can howl! He and his mommy were cuddling; and good thing she had a camera with her, cos she just captured the most precious and adorable moment in history–Tobias howling for the very first time! Not only did he howled once, but he howled many times! It’s just too cute for words! You have to watch it!

Awwww…wasn’t that just precious? Tobias is so cute I wanted to kiss my computer screen! Watching and hearing him howl makes me want to have another puppy! Leave a comment if Tobias made you smile today!

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