30 Times People Had Magical, Spontaneous Moments With Animals

Shown below are 28 times that people shared some magical, spontaneous instances with animals. And the result is their “Disney princess” moment! Have you had your “Disney princess” moment yet? 🙂

“My wife being a disney princess”

“I’m the prettiest Disney Princess”

“I’m not sure if this qualifies me as a Disney princess”

Food, you say?

Hungry? 🙂

“Hand-feeding friendly wild deer”

“Today I became a Disney Princess”

“My little girl is a Disney Princess”

“This little guy flew right on to my palm this morning!”

“Guys am I a Disney princess yet”

“Unknowingly hired a Disney princess as a contractor”

“Baby deer wants scratches”

“This Chipmunk looking up at my GF on top of Eagle Cap summit, 9,570 ft.”

Just beautiful.

“The day after Hurricane Irma, this baby squirrel ran straight up to me.”

“Owl landed on my friend’s head at a Luke Bryan concert.”

“Made a new friend!”

“Squirrel fell in love with my stepdad”

Hello, human.

“Found this little guy hiding in my daughter’s shirt”

“Help! Heeeeeeeelllp!!”

“Officer Disney Princess”

“Disney princess challenge accepted”

“Friendly Little Hummingbird”

“Disney Princess”

“Wild bunny accepted me”

“Well hello there.”

My daughter’s fawn friend”

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