46 Chihuahuas Rescued From Hoarding Situation In New Mexico After Owner Passes Away

46 chihuahuas are looking for loving homes after they were rescued from a hoarding situation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after their owner passed away.

Kind-hearted people rallied together to care for the dogs, who are mostly seniors, and raise money for the medical care they desperately need.

People’s Anti-Cruelty Association (PACA), the state’s oldest no-kill animal rescue group, offered to take some of the dogs and help find foster or rescues to take in the rest.

Julie Hart, a volunteer with the rescue, told KOB, “I’m not sure how she got so many. I don’t think about that end too much. Being in rescue for ten years, I focus on the now and what I can do.”

The dogs are currently receiving round-the-clock care at a local boarding facility, but most have rotten teeth and need extensive dental care.

“The cost for that is not cheap,” said Hart. The estimated cost to perform the necessary dental work is about $1200 per dog.

The rescue group started ‘Operation Chihuahua’ to help raise money for medical and basic expenses. “The boarding facility caring for them has not been paid for the two months the dogs have been in her care. PACA is providing medical care and foster/adoptive homes for as many as we can.”

Locals can help by donating blankets and towels to warm the little dogs. “Chihuahuas like to be warm and this many requires lots of fleece blankets and towels. If you can spare any towels or blankets please drop them off at Doggie Den at 2525 Madison St NE near Menaul and San Pedro,” posted the rescue.

The friendly dogs are waiting for fosters or adopters to open their hearts and homes to them. Anyone interested in giving one of the senior chihuahuas a second chance is asked to email pacadogs@aol.com.

Adopt don’t shop!

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