5 Month Old Great Dane Doesn’t Need Anyone To Walk Him But Himself!

Dogs depend on humans for almost everything. They depend on us to give them basic necessities like shelter and food. But sometimes, you get to meet dogs who just want to be independent. They want to do everything themselves. They play by themselves, walk on their own, ride the bus alone, and they even want to prepare their own food if they could. They’ll raid that fridge of yours if they want to!

Now Diesel is one of those “independent dogs”. He’s a 5-month-old Great Dane and he’s already showing signs of independence. Unlike other dogs who depend on humans to give them walks, Diesel doesn’t need anyone for that. He can walk himself! He even holds his own lead! Watch the video below and see Diesel walking himself!

Aaaah yes! Maybe next thing we know, Diesel can already prepare his own meal by either raiding the fridge or surfing the kitchen counter! LOL! Just kidding! But good job, Diesel! Way to go for being independent! Just don’t do it without parent supervision, okay? It’s a dangerous world out there, you know!

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