7 dogs destined for the dog meat market in Korea take first steps of freedom in America

Seven incredibly fortunate dogs were destined for the dog meat market in Korea when Aniband, an animal rescue based in Korea, saved their lives by sending them to America, where all seven found loving homes.

PAWsitive Channel, Aniband and Doggie Protective Services team up to bring an emotional story of seven dogs — each one of them was slated for death in the legal, dog meat market of South Korea.

Some of the dogs were owner surrendered, abandoned, found as strays or were bred as meat. Aniband wants to bring to light this serious subject that not all Koreans agree with in hopes of putting an end to this trade. Aniband paid for the freedom of almost all of the dogs featured in this video — some straight from the trucks headed to market.

The dogs are then put into foster homes where they are provided a warm home and medical care. Once fit for travel, they are sent to America, where Doggie Protective Services finds them a home. Each rescue from beginning to end costs time and hundreds upon thousands of dollars.

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