7 Heartfelt Photos Of People Banding Together To Save Animals During Hurricane Harvey

If you’ve turned on the news or logged onto social media, you’ve seen images of the disaster that is currently sweeping southeast Texas.

Houston is being pummeled by Hurricane Harvey, and the storm isn’t over yet. As families struggle to find higher ground, the devastating reality is that many pets are getting left behind. While a few shelters allow animals, some force owners to keep them outside, and others don’t permit them at all.

But that isn’t stopping advocates and pet lovers from doing what they can to rescue our helpless furry friends from the torrential floods. This world can be tough, but in times of trouble, people always have a way of coming together.

1. First is this man, who not only defends the people of our country, but the animals in it.

2. And this guy, who left his belongings to be destroyed but refused to leave his dogs.

3. The U.S. Coast Guard knows that pets are family.

4. And these officers escorted a herd of cattle to higher ground.

5. This taxi driver let a hawk take refuge in his vehicle.

WATCH: A man in Houston claims a hawk would not leave his taxi cab as Hurricane Harvey barreled toward Texas Friday morning.

6. And these folks are determined to keep their family together.

7. These rescuers will be looking for displaced furry friends. No doubt they’ll be trying to reunite them with their families for weeks to come.

8. These heroes refused to leave a crate of defenseless kitties behind.


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