7 Puppies Were Living Alone Under A Porch In Dropping Temperatures. They Were Found Just In Time

Under an old, broken porch at an abandoned house in Detroit lived seven young puppies. They had spent the first few weeks of life looking for food in the dirt. Their mother had disappeared, and the temperatures were dropping. Happily, the chow/shepherd mix pups were found, and the Michigan Humane Society was called.

The MHS team arrived and found the puppies playing in the backyard. After the first pup was picked up, the rest scattered! Some ran under the porch and were a little tricky to get a hold of. Eventually, all the pups were collected and taken to the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care. Each one was given a clean bill of health!

Take a look at this video

They were bathed, treated and put up for adoption. Every single one found a home! Gotta love puppies! Share away, people!

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