7 Remarkable Times the Police Rescued a Dog Against Steep Odds

Need some positivity? Check out the heartwarming stories of these 7 lucky dogs saved in the nick of time by animal-loving police officers. The dogs’ situations presented some unique challenges, and their rescuers went above and beyond to get them to safety. Some of these pups even ended up with new homes after their ordeals!

Barefoot tunnel rescue


Tiny puppy saved from hot car

Officer saves stinky puppy from septic drain


Icing on the cake? The officer adopted the puppy after no one claimed him from the shelter.

Colombian police save drowning dog from flash flood

Police officer saves dog hanging by collar


Officer frees dog hung up in fence

As the saying goes, you won’t believe what happens next!

Officer discovers loose dog needs saving

Update: Sergeant Carter went on to adopt Jeffrey, because his previous owners were not interested in keeping the escape artist.


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