8 Hi-Tech Dog Training Products Worth Trying

1 – Pet Tutor

This is a brand-new, revolutionary science-based training system for your pet. It will eventually work with your smartphone (currently, you can feed using the remote or timed intervals), can be put anywhere, and even has a webcam so you can train when you are not there. Basically, it can do almost anything.

2 – iFetch

This is basically a tennis ball launcher made for your dog. If you use toys to reward your dog, this can be a fun added bonus – teach them to drop the ball in and have it thrown.


3 – Auto Trainer

Petmate’s latest trainer was the first positive bark control trainer on the market. It works by rewarding your dog with treats when he’s quiet.


4 – PetPal

This auto trainer has a camera and a microphone, so you can see and talk to your dog. You also control when the treats come out, so you could train your dog when you are not even home! Ask him to sit, then reward him for doing so! Sound cool? Support their Indiegogo campaign.


5 – VT-1 Vibration Trainer Collar

These vibration-only dog collars are great for deaf or hearing-impaired dogs. You can use the vibration to mean “come” (not as a correction!). It’s also great for those doing long distance work where their dog may not be able to hear them.


6 – Go-Go Dog Pals

This fun remote-controlled dog “pal” is more than just a toy. You can use it to safely teach your dog to not chase things that move, such as skateboard or animals, and even for herding training if you do not have access to sheep yourself. And don’t forget lure coursing training!


– House Training App

Trying to house train your puppy but forget to take him out, can’t remember when/if he last went, of if he is getting better about number of accidents? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that! If you have an Apple® device, you can get this great app that lets you keep track of your puppy’s potty training and set reminders to take him out.


8 – StarWalk™ Monitoring Device

This product is great for those who are working on getting their dog in shape. The StarWalk™ attaches to your dog collar and uses an advanced accelerometer to measure your dog’s steps, activity levels, and calories burned. You can set fitness goals on the free app.


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