8 Puppies Yell Out from Narrow Pit, 9th Puppy Sinks Further Down the Hole

Nine terrified puppies hid in the most remote corner of an 18-ft deep pit. They started to squeal at the sight of an approaching human hand.

Lisa M. Ashe, a member of the “Hope For Paws” rescue team, was one of the most compassionate and fervent animal welfare advocates around. Regrettably, she succumbed to her months-long battle with cancer.

As her fellow rescue members attended her funeral, they were interrupted by an unexpected call about a litter of puppies trapped in a perilous cave. Immediately after the funeral, the team set out to rescue the puppies. Arriving at the site, they found a narrow pit under a rocky outcrop that could potentially give way at any moment. The puppies were mistrustful of humans and retreated further into the deepest part of the pit as the rescuers drew near.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, rescuer Eldad Hagar courageously descended 18 feet into the pit to access the puppies. He managed to pull out 8 yelping puppies one by one from the dark and stifling pit. However, when he counted the puppies, the runt of the litter was missing. In a last-ditch effort to rescue the smallest puppy, Eldad grabbed a shovel and started digging another exit from the pit. He finally spotted the scared puppy, wedged in the mud, and was able to rescue it!

Thanks to this heroic rescue, all 9 puppies are now safe. Initially, the mother dog was nowhere to be found, but she was later rescued as well. The puppies have been named after each letter of Lisa’s full name in honor of her memory. This rescue operation was one of the most emotionally charged ones we have ever experienced. Rest in peace, dear Lisa. Click the video below to witness the incredible bravery displayed by the rescuers in saving the puppies from the dangerous pit.

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