9 Naughty Dogs Who Couldn’t Wait For Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving holiday is a time for family and feasting so no wonder our dogs want to join in on the fun, especially on the feasting part.

There’s a lot of common behavior among our furry friends. There’s a lot of hovering at the dinner table…

And scouring for scraps in the kitchen.

And then there’s the dogs in the photos below. They put their enthusiasm for Thanksgiving into action…naughty action.

1. “I licked the turkey.”

2. Not the yams!

3. He made off with the pumpkin pie.

4. You say “no pie” I say “whole pie.”

5. Mom’s not going to do any baking this year.

6. “I jumped on the Thanksgiving table and licked the plates.”

7. Turkey unstuffed for one very important reason.

8. A happy accident equals a happy Thanksgiving for this dog.

9. Well, at least someone enjoyed the turkey.

Not all dogs are so impatient. These three dogs had their patience rewarded for being good doggos.

It’s hard to keep our eyes on our pups all the time. But please be cautious on what foods you let your pups indulge in over the holidays, many of which can be harmful. Have a happy, safe Thanksgiving!

Of course these dogs are bound to have tummy aches from the food so keep in mind much of what we eat on Thanksgiving is not healthy for dogs.

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