9 Pictures That Perfectly Illustrate How Your Life Changes After Getting A Dog

When we bring dogs into our homes, lots of things change. There may be a little (okay, a LOT) more hair around the house and a little less money in our wallets, but any happy pup parent will tell you that it’s all worth it!

The Illustrator of Mai and John hilariously and accurately depicts life, BC (Before Canine) and AD (After Dog). And while things may get a little messy, the biggest and best thing about living with a dog is the love, laughter, and loyalty that you and your best friend share!

Based on life with his charming Golden Retriever named Maimai, John’s art speaks to almost any dog owner, no matter what the breed. (Notice: they do everything with love.)

1. You know all those knick knacks you used to keep around the house, BC? Not anymore. Your dog automatically considers any stuffed animal within snout’s reach to be his plaything.


2. And remember when you used to leave the house without giving it  a second thought? Now you doggy-proof, so you don’t come home to this (although it’s happened before):


3. AD, you can’t remember the last time a car ride didn’t turn your T-shirt into a sweater. Because your little shed-machine doesn’t seem to have an “off” switch.


4. And “dinner for one” is no longer a “thing” in your life. But hey, it’s better than eating alone.


5. BC, you bought things for yourself. AD, you buy things for your dog. You may be poorer, but you sure are happier.


6. And you can’t help but take zillions of pup pictures because she’s just SO DARN ADORABLE! You know it would be a disservice to your social media followers to withhold such cuteness.


7. That is, when you can charge your phone. AD, you’ll go through about five of these. (Note: to avoid shock, make sure you keep your charger our of pup’s reach when it’s plugged in!)


8. And chances are, you won’t get as much “lounge time” as you did, BC. At least you’re getting some fresh air!


9. But that’s okay. Because your canine companion has certainly grown on you…and your family, too! (Before: “Keep the dog off the furniture!” After: “Stop hogging the pup!”)  How could you not fall in love with such sweetness?


Introducing the inspiration behind it all: Meet Maimai:


Special thanks to John of John & Mai for lending us his amazing illustrations and photo! See more from the artist, visit his Facebook and blog

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