9-year-old boy from Wichita selling his artwork to raise funds to buy his little brother a service dog

In Wichita, Kansas, a nine-year-old big brother has been selling his artwork to raise money to purchase a service dog for his younger brother. Ben Jobe is hoping a service dog will help his younger brother Cooper with his recently diagnosed health issues.

Ben has always had a big heart and when he was only six-years-old in 2020, he started selling his artwork to raise money for other children in need. And now, his own brother is in need, and along with his mother, Lacy Clarke, have started a GoFundMe for anyone interested in helping the boys raise enough money for a service dog.

Ben and I have taken on a large project and would love your help!!! We are trying to raise money, by selling art, to buy Cooper a Service Dog. ( Cooper doesn’t know so mums the word!!! 🤫) The dog will actually serve both of them but Cooper has had a very rough year and with a recent diagnosis compounded by medicines actually
Making his symptoms worse, a service dog is the direction the professionals believe would be most beneficial. After much research … I agree. There was so much that I didn’t realize dogs could do naturally and be trained to do for people, even those with “invisible disabilities and needs”

Lacy Clarke Jobe

The family is hoping to raise $20,000, and Ben has offered to make custom drawings or paintings from special requests. They are hoping to attract a charity to help and are open to ideas from the public.

According to Lacy, they have already found a service dog and now it’s the financing they need to figure out. Extra funds collected will help to support the dog’s expenses throughout the year(s).

Anyone with questions about the art, please contact Lacy at 316.393.1215. comment, direct message or text.

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