9-Year-Old Home Alone Sees Masked Intruder Coming For Him, Pit Bull Takes Matters Into Own Hands

One evening in February 2018, Shane Shafer’s mom left him home while she went to pick up her other kids. The nine-year-old boy was upstairs in his room when things took a terrifying turn.

Shane heard the sound of someone trying to open the front door downstairs. At first, he thought it was just his mom arriving home — but it wasn’t her.

Within seconds, Shane found himself staring into the eyes of a stranger. A man wearing a ski mask walked through the front door.

Imagine Shane’s horror when the man locked eyes with him and started moving in closer. “It seemed like he wanted me cause when he saw me he just slowly walked toward me and he didn’t look at anything else he just kept his eyes on me,” the boy told KOLN news.

The intruder started chasing Shane upstairs. But he didn’t account for Baby Girl, the family’s loyal pit bull, who was about to take matters into her own hands. I mean, paws.

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