93-Year-Old Man Dedicates His Time To Caring For Homeless Animals

It’s always wonderful to see people caring for dogs who otherwise would be completely helpless.

Whether it’s brave rescues, like the one where volunteers swam across a dangerous river for a pooch, or simply adopting one in need of a forever home, it’s great to know there are people making time for neglected animals.

That’s certainly the case with John Smith, a 91-year-old whose longtime love for man’s best friend will get praise from every animal lover. For over 20 years, Smith has dedicated his time to helping homeless animals in Maryland. And now that he’s living at a retirement home, Smith still has two of his beloved pooches, Fred and Ginger, by his side, as you’ll see in the ABC 2 News video below.

Since his wife didn’t want a dog, Smith started visiting the homeless animals living at the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore. He also became an annual participant in the March for the Animals. The march, which takes place at Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park on April 24 this year, is a 1.5 mile walk benefiting the homeless animals.

What’s even sweeter? Smith also passed down his passion to his daughter, who will be right by his side during this year’s march.

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