Have you ever tried hula hooping, ever? I have. It’s great for the waistline…so they say but I could never keep it there. Somehow, I could never manage to keep it going around my waistline and it kept going down, straight down to the floor. I should have gotten some tips from this doggy! Quite a novel idea to hold on tight to the hoolahoop and then go around in circles faster and faster. That way, you’d end up looking like it’s the hoolahoop that’s going around and not you haha!

Silly dog, why don’t you let go of the hoolahoop so you won’t get too dizzy from going round and round. You need to rest too, you know! Sure, it’s a fun game but you do get me all tuckered out! What say, you stop and let’s go have something to drink!


Dogs are so much fun to watch when they do silly things. More so when they seem to get frustrated and even if you tell them to stop, they refuse to do so cos they are getting upset and frustrated. It’s only when they finally figure out for themselves what they need to do that they stop. Talk about perseverance and stamina!!

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