A Bakery In Japan Makes The Most Adorable Corgi Butt Buns Stuffed With Jam Or Custard

People love Corgis, and why? Because they’re so adorable! And what makes Corgis so adorable? That fluffy little, apple-bottom booty. It’s what makes them so indescribably cute. That’s probably why you see the outline of Corgis’ butts on so many random items, like mugs, pins, t-shirts, etc. Well, now one Japanese bakery is putting the famous Corgis butt in their baking.

A Sapporo-based bakery has come up with a genius invention for their bakery – buns in the shape of a Corgis butt!

The Utiwapanya Bakery is responsible for baking the adorable Corgis butt buns, which they fill with either custard or jam.

Of course, this bakery also bakes other adorable, little animal goodies.

Some of which look too cute to eat!

What do you guys think of these?

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