A Boy And His Mom Buy Food And Toys For A Homeless Woman’s Dog

Sometimes, despite how much someone loves their pet, they aren’t able to take care of them. It’s heartbreaking, but sometimes people do have to give up their pets in order for them to have the lives that their owners know they deserve.

When homeless people keep pets, their task of taking care of the animal becomes even harder. So why do so many homeless people have pets when they don’t even have a roof over their own head? The answer is simple: because they love them, and they’re a part of the family. Often, homeless people with pets will put their animal’s needs before their own needs. They’ll feed the dog before they feed themselves, or provide a dry bed for their cat before they find one for themselves.

That’s why this family decided to do a little something for the homeless woman in their town. When they were out running errands one day, they popped into the pet store to get a few toys, a big bag of dog food, and some treats for the pooch that she keeps. They just waltz right up to her and hand her a bounty that she probably couldn’t afford for herself. But you really do have to see the smile on her face when she sees she’ll be able to feed her gentle dog for a good while.

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