A Cop Was Going To Shoot This Injured Dog, But Then A Vet Heroically Stepped In

When an old dog was found in near-fatal shape on the side of the road, a police officer was ready to put her down. Luckily for the barely conscious pup, Dr. Matt arrived on the scene just in time. He told the policeman that the dog should be put to sleep humanely, but when he got her to the clinic, the vet realized that he just might be able to save her.

She had a lot of open wounds, with her skin completely detached from her body in some spots.


But altogether, she looked to be in more gruesome shape than she really was.

When the owners tracked down their lost pup, named Janie, they were ecstatic to hear that Dr. Matt hadn’t let the officer shoot the dog.


It took her about a month to heal, but as you can see in the below video, she made a wonderful recovery!

Warning: there is graphic content in this video.

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