A Day In The Life Of A Street Dog Is Terrifying…Would You Survive?

Mumbai, the capital of India, is known as one of the most populated cities in the world. The streets are often crowded with its 18 million residents, dwarfing New York City by about 10 million people.

But it’s not just the humans who are forced to deal with the city’s congestion day after day. Over 250,000 stray dogs swarm the streets seeking food, water, or affection from any accommodating face they can find. But sadly, not many of the faces they meet are all that friendly.

This powerful video shows exactly what those pups put up with on a daily basis:

World For All Animal Care & Adoptions assures us that no dogs were actually harmed in the making of this video, but it does represent the real pain so many of them live with every day. The organization hopes to sensitize residents and inspire them into adopting the poor pups.
It’s impossible to imagine anyone watching this and not feeling moved by their daily struggle.

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