A Fun-Loving Dog Grows Up into a Human Tackler

Dogs are considered babies even when they are fully grown up. It makes dog parents proud to witness their healthy growth and show their different sides. Most dogs are playful, energetic, and social, while others are sweet, gentle, and often timid. They slowly show those personalities as they grow up, like living with another human. You know their quirks, favorite things, and what scares them the most. Having dogs around the house is an experience that is both informative and life-changing.

Living with a dog at home can make you realize that they really feel and express emotions. Dogs show their appreciation and love by licking your face, or you might notice that when they see you, they wag their tail. They also often express excitement by tackling their favorite human.

Dogs will pounce on you, especially the large ones. Rough play may look dangerous, but that is their natural reaction when seeing someone they love. It was cute when they were puppies, but dogs can easily pounce on you with a fast growth spurt. Tackling might look dangerous, but it’s a form of friendly greeting — an “I miss you” or “Welcome home” from your big dog.

A dog from Instagram is known for tackling his favorite human because of his excitement and playful nature. Hugo, the dog, is a Malamute who grew up with his favorite human, Brian. Their video on Instagram made 1.5 million viewers smile and laugh because of its adorable content. Hugo was once a chubby little pup that Brian could easily carry around, and now that pup can effortlessly tackle him.

The Malamute grew into a handsome, intelligent, and playful canine. Instagram users flooded the reel with comments and thanked them for the wholesome content. Some users even relate to Brian’s question on the video — how can their beloved pups grow up too fast?

Brian has been teaching Hugo tricks since he was a puppy. The training videos are uploaded on his Instagram account — which was also well-loved by their followers and non-followers. Brian even shares tips on properly training dogs and teaching them various tricks. Hugo is also TikTok famous — he has already gained 670,000 followers.

Who wouldn’t love a dog who gives friendly hugs in the form of a tackle? That is just how Hugo shows his enormous affection for his favorite human, and it’s incredible how he became more loving when he grew up. You can literally feel their love and excitement when they tackle you. And Hugo believes that tackles are just aggressive hugs.

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