A hero – small dog saves family after bear walked into their home

A small dog is being hailed a hero for saving her family after a bear walked into their North Carolina home late last week. According to multiple sources, Pickles, weighing in at just five pounds, bravely chased the bear out of his Black Mountain home on Friday morning.

Dog’s owner recounts the horrible encounter

Pickles’ owner, Tiffany Merrill, told WLOS News,

“I thought I was gonna die. I started yelling for my kids. ‘Shut your doors! Shut your doors! There’s a bear in the house.”

Pickles didn’t hesitate to confront the huge intruder who had walked into the house when Merrill opened the door. She said, “My dog came out, started barking and got the bears attention, and got the bear outside and he saved my life.”

After Pickles ran outside, the bear attacked and killed him. His owner expressed grief about her inability to intervene and save his life. Pickles will be remembered for his unwavering devotion, and constant companionship. Merrill told the news agency, “He was always with me. If I stayed up late, he stayed up late. If i wanted to go somewhere, he wanted to go somewhere.”

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