A Marine And Military Dog Who Haven’t Seen Each Other In Three Years Reunite, And It’s Beautiful!

Spike, a member of the K-9 patrol with the Virginia Capitol Police, spent many years with U.S. Marine Jared Heine, until Heine was sent home to Louisiana after a series of brain injuries. After many years of protecting each other in Afghanistan, Heine and Spike were split up, and Heine began struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. With Heine constantly talking about how much he missed Spike, his mother Mary decided to try to track Spike down in order to help her son. She started searching online and eventually got news that Spike was in Virginia.

The problem was, Spike was now working with Officer Laura Taylor, and the two had been inseperable for the past two years. As much as she was in love with Spike, Officer Taylor realized that the best thing for Spike and for Heine would be to let Spike go, as painful as it would be.  After three years, Spike and Heine were finally reunited…

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