A Marine Thought He Was At A Normal Ceremony…’Til He Was Surprised Onstage

While serving in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps, Sgt. Ross Gundlach always had his adorable and brave bomb dog, Kasey, by his side. They spent every moment together, until the day came when Kasey’s tour ended. She was sent to Iowa where she was reassigned to the State Fire Marshall’s office.

But Gundlach had promised himself and his pup that if they made it out alive, he would find a way to keep them together. He put in requests to adopt Kasey and only heard disappointing “if’s” and “maybe’s” in response. Then one day, he attended what he thought was a normal ceremony for Armed Service’s Day…just watch what happens at the event.


The bond between these two won’t ever be broken again. If you need me, I’ll be over here looking for some tissues…

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