A Neglected Pit Bull Wandered Onto A Random Porch Looking For Help. When The Woman Saw The Dog, She Started Crying

The pit bull you are about to see in this clip wandered onto a random porch, in desperate need of help. This dog had clearly been neglected for a very long time and did not know where else to turn. The woman whose porch the dog chose to wander onto during that fateful day could scarcely believe her eyes when she started to look at the damage that had been done to this dog. One of the first things the woman noticed when she began to examine the needy dog who had shown up on her doorstep was the amount of scars that the animal was covered, which seemed to suggest that the dog had been bred several times. The next discovery she made was even more startling than the first.

The dog had teeth removed and others had been filed down. Once she saw what the dog’s previous owners had done to its teeth, she could take no more and immediately broke down crying. She could not bear to imagine the pain that the dog had been through and the gravity of the situation was difficult to comprehend. As if the severe abuse that Mama Jade ended up suffering was not enough, the dog had also contracted a form of cancer, which only served to exacerbate the issues the pup was already experiencing. After learning of this revelation, the woman took to Craigslist to let people know she had found the dog.

But in a surprising turn of events, she did not write the ad with the intention of giving the dog to the owners who had treated the animal so shabbily. No, she decided to use the popular site as a means of letting them know that Mama Jade has her dog now and that she would provide her with a much better home than her previous owners ever cared to.


Once she posted the ad, animal lovers around the country began to share her passionate words with each other, causing the ad to go viral. She received a whopping 7,000 emails as a result of her Craigslist post, mostly from other dog lovers who enjoyed what she had to say. A Facebook post about the ad has received nearly 40,000 likes from dog lovers who frequent the site.

Luckily for Mama Jade, she was able to escape these awful circumstances and find a home with someone who truly cares for her well being. Thanks to the power of the Internet, Mama Jade’s former owners are now fully aware of how terrible their actions are and how they have affected this poor, innocent creature. Be sure to share this amazing story with your friends and family on Facebook.


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  1. monica

    That is wonderful she is beautiful dog I am happy that she found a awesome women to take care of her.The old owners should be charge for animal abuse it makes me mad somebody did this to her.She need lots of love that people care and is so great she going to get it.

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