A Once-Homeless Dog Gets An Up-Inspired Surprise Of A Lifetime (Must Watch!)

Who doesn’t love the Disney/Pixar movie Up? It’s such a darling story of love, friendship and most importantly, imagination. And one of the sweetest relationships in the animated film? Russell, a sweet-natured cub scout and his adorable, floppy tongued dog, Dug.

While Up became an instant classic for movie lovers everywhere, what you’re about to hear is no made up story.

About two years ago, an adorable little white dog was homeless. The poor pup was abandoned and left to wander the streets, totally alone and vulnerable.

Thankfully, Steve Minty, a cosplayer who considers himself a huge Pixar fan, met the sweet boy and, after falling in love with him and naming him Dug after one of his favorite movie characters, the rest was history.

Finally, Dug got the loving home he deserved. But it doesn’t end there! A friend reached out to the organization Super-Fan Builds to surprise Steve and Dug with a custom dog house based on the famous home from Up.

More than 2,000 shingles, 750 plastic eggs and lots of hard work later, the talented Super-Fan Builds team had accomplished their unique goal. Steve and Dug are so touched by the gift…it’s really heartwarming!

You can watch the whole video to see the mesmerizing process of building the house, or skip to 7:35 to see the big reveal. Either way…amazing stuff.

How adorable!? Dug looked so happy and literally at home in his new house. Such a special treat for a special pup. There are so many great human/dog duos in pop culture. Share your favorites in the comments!

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