“A pawsitive outcome!” Watch this firefighter rescue a dog from an HVAC duct

Traditionally, firefighters are called in to rescue cats from trees (if cartoons have anything to say about it, at least) bbut this time, it was a dog who benefited from the rescue knowledge the brave men and women of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department have cultivated.

After receiving a call about a small dog who had gotten trapped in the HVAC system of a West Springfield-area home this past Friday night, crews responded.

The team worked diligently to determine the dog’s location and craft a strategy to safely extract it from the duct. In the end, the dog was removed unharmed, but we can’t report the same for the ceiling.

Check out the video of the frazzled-but-uninjured pup being rescued:

The department let its social media followers know via multiple platforms with a fun sense of humor. The tweet read: “Engine 427, West Springfield, responded to a ruff and far-fetched rescue last night. A small dog was trapped in an HVAC duct. Crews took a paws to shed light on dogs location and work out strategy. Firefighter Williams cut a hole in ceiling and retrieved dog. A pawsitive outcome!”

A pretty strange rescue, but if you REALLY love wild stories of rescue, check out this video from The Dodo!

In this dramatic compilation, there’s only one dog story – but all three are about as compelling as could be, and feature people who are, without a doubt, genuine heroes. The first is an especially scary one, in which two bucks became antler-entangled, a terribly dangerous situation for the animals if they failed to disentangle, but also for the men trying to free them!

In the second, a lovely horse is trapped in the rising Texas floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey, too frightened to move.

And in the last, we have our sweet dog story, wherein the pup fell down a well and was unable to get out. Clinging desperately to the rock, she tries to stay afloat — and finally, at last, is rescued.

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