A Pit Bull Gets Stuck Inside A Car’s Engine While Chasing A Cat

Anita, with The Dodo, recounts a stunning rescue that blew her mind away. Through all her experience watching and producing videos, this was the most harrowing tale she had ever seen. A Pit Bull was stuck inside a Chevy Nova’s engine. It was surreal, especially to Anita. The dog’s sheer size made no sense to her! Anita had witnessed birds and cats get trapped inside a car, but definitely not a dog. When this rescue video came across Anita’s desk, she reached out to discuss the footage with the rescue crew.

Tracey Miller with the Arizona Humane Society explained what happened. A car owner saw something peculiar on his surveillance video. A dog had climbed into his car’s engine while chasing a cat. He had no idea what to do to help the stuck dog, so he called for help. The rescue crew arrived and tirelessly began to pull the dog out. It took a long time and a lot of effort, but they finally managed to free her.

Once she was on solid ground, the Pit Bull was beyond thankful. The pup thanked her rescuers with a wagging tail. Miraculously, she wasn’t injured and was able to walk on her own while on a pretty pink leash. Her new human friends were thrilled and honored to take her to the rescue center. Once they arrived, they checked the dog for a microchip. She had one, but her owner no longer wanted her– which was his loss!

Despite all she had been through and being rejected by her former owner, the dog, now aptly named Nova, was as sweet as can be. Their next step was to find Nova a new home where she would be loved and cherished. She certainly deserved her happily ever after! Did Nova find her forever family? Did the rejected dog leave her life of struggles behind to start anew? Check out the video below to find out!

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