A Pit Bull is playfully waiting at a New York shelter with his favorite toy, hoping to catch someone’s attention

A 3-year-old pit bull mix named Onion has been patiently waiting for nearly two months at Animal Care Centers (ACC) of NYC for someone to notice him.

Since his handsome face and wagging tail weren’t doing the trick, he decided to show potential adopters his favorite toy when they walked by his kennel – his water bowl.

In a viral video shared on TikTok by ACC, Onion is seen carrying the large metal bowl around his kennel, even though there are several other dog toys to choose from, and is happy as can be.

@nycacc His kennel got a good mopping afterwards! Onion has been waiting for a home for almost 50 days. Stop by Manhattan ACC during adoption hours to meet this happy boy. Visit nycacc.app to view hundreds of adoptable NYC pets. #nycacc #nycthingstodo #boroughbred #rescuedogsoftiktok #shelterdogsoftiktok #adoptabledogsoftiktok #adoptadog ♬ original sound – user57246212142

The silly boy shows his bowl to potential adopters and doesn’t understand why they continue to pass him by. In his own words the shelter wrote, “It’s ok. I’ll show my bowl to another adopter.”

Onion will need an adult only home with a patient owner who will take the time to slowly introduce him to new people and places. He arrived as a stray, so his history is unknown. According to staff, “At the shelter, he greeted a helper dog with a soft body and tail wag.”

He just needs someone who will give him the second chance he deserves.

While thousands of people have seen his video and commented how adorable he is, he’s still available for adoption. Staff and volunteers recently arranged a photo session for him and several others to capture better pictures of the shelter dogs.

@nycacc Replying to @flawdabby721 There was so much love for Onion! Thank you all for sharing him. Learn more about Onion and hundreds of NYC animals at nycacc.app #nycacc #nycthingstodo #boroughbred #rescuedogsoftiktok #adoptabledogsoftiktok #shelterpetsoftiktok #rescueismyfavoritebreed #shelterdogsoftiktok ♬ sonido original – Santiago Arango Zabala ✶

Onion received a lot of attention but hopes to experience something he has heard so much about – a loving family.

Learn more about the sweet boy here and be sure to share his story to help him find his forever home.

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