A Stray Dog Spent Seven Years on the Streets; Now She’s Found A Loving Home for Her Final Days

Meet Bianca, a beautiful stray who lived on the streets for 7 years; her rescue and journey to a loving home is as swift as it is touching.

Bianca, a street dog in Greece, had spent several years living rough until a condition known as Degenerative Myelopathy caused her to start limping a few months ago. However, once SPAZ, a dog rescue organization, heard about her, she was set for a swift rescue and an impressive journey to a new home.

Valia Orfanidou, from The Orphan Pet, recalls her encounter with Bianca: “I only met her two weeks ago, and her rescue story is probably the fastest and most incredible ever. Degenerative Myelopathy began affecting her mobility months ago. As time passed, her condition progressively worsened. Eventually, she was unable to stand on her hind legs and began dragging her back half.”

Despite her condition, Bianca was not entirely alone. Many of the local workers had taken to caring for her over the years. “She had a makeshift home built from wooden boards, she was fed regularly—perhaps overfed, which may have worsened her condition—it’s a common problem when strays are looked after by multiple people. Some even paid for her X-rays and a new wheelchair. But the streets were not a safe place for Bianca anymore.”

Finding a new home for Bianca was not an easy task. “A dog like her can’t be in a shelter, she can’t be in a clinic, she can’t live anywhere but a home. And finding a home for a paralyzed, 7-year-old, 30-kilo dog was not easy. It almost seemed impossible, but Bianca was incredibly fortunate.”

Watch Bianca’s inspiring story in the video above. It is heartwarming to know that, despite the hardships she has faced, Bianca will spend the remaining months of her life in a home where she is loved and cared for.

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