A Sweet Rescue Dog Waits for Her Dad to Come Home by Staying in the Driveway

A lot of people can attest to the fact that dogs are one of the sweetest and most loyal beings in the world. They have these qualities that made them earn the title “man’s best friend” — dogs are indeed great companions. You can never doubt their capability to protect the ones they love. Canines are proof that animals can feel emotions and they can express them. They symbolize love and care — with their cute button noses, paws, and fluffy fur.

Even in pop culture, dogs are portrayed as humans’ fun and loving companions. The fur of sunshine changes the lives of those around them. One movie based on a true story entitled “Hachiko” showed how dogs would go the extra length to express affection. Hachiko is an Akita dog who dearly loves his fur parent — and who always waits to come home from work. The story of Hachiko is from Japan, and the loyal dog even has a statue, a popular tourist spot.

Some dog parents have their real life Hachiko — for Tim and Sara’s family, it was Sadie the Pitbull.

The family adopted Sadie, who was a rescue dog — since then, they have been receiving unconditional love from her. Sadie was a lovely addition to their family and her pet sibling, a mini dachshund. Many of Sadie’s pictures and videos are uploaded on Instagram with the username alexcooperfrankford. One video from the account was shared on The Dodo, which has gained over a million views. People were again touched and reminded of a dog’s love for its owner. Sadie loves her dad so much that she waits for him daily in the driveway. She has this sweet daily routine of waiting for him to return home.

“Later in the afternoon, she knows I’m coming home pretty soon,” says Tim. The video showed how quickly Sadie’s mood changed when she saw her dad’s truck. She even barks at the approaching truck as a sign of greeting — Sadie really knows how to throw a welcome celebration every day. Sara shared that Sadie would just prance around and run out of excitement. Her owner coming back home is worth the celebration for her, and who wouldn’t be touched by her excitement? Dogs certainly know how to make someone feel special, even in the simplest ways. It is one of the perks of having a dog at home — you’ll feel appreciated all the time.

Sadie now has her own Instagram, and you can follow her there. Their family also has a TikTok account, and every piece of content is worth the watch. The whole family equally loves all of their pets, and they couldn’t stop flexing them on the internet. If you are looking for soft animal content, Alex, Tim, and Sara are generous with sharing photos and videos of their pets online. Show some love for all the Hachikos out there.

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