A Terrified Dog Finally Takes The Plunge & Swims For The First Time

While humans need to take swimming lessons so we can learn how to swim, some dogs have the innate ability to swim. I said some, because not all dogs can swim. Yup, while some dogs have the natural instinct to do the doggy paddle when they’re in water, some just sink like a sack of bricks. Others just don’t really like water at all, and just avoid it at all costs.

The dog in the video below is learning how to swim. Well, it’s his first time, and he’s a little terrified of the water. At first, he puts his two front paws in the pool, then little by little, he goes into the water. His dad is already in the pool and he wants to go to him. He barks to his dad (probably asking for some help, or he just wants his dad to come back), and then he bravely takes the plunge!

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