A Tiny Pup Proves His Heart Is Big When His Owner Passes Out In A Busy Street

Watching our loved ones struggle is one of life’s most frustrating experiences, and this doesn’t just apply to humans.

When this tiny pup saw his owner suddenly pass out in the middle of a busy street in Guizhou, China, he became instantly anxious and refused to leave the ailing man’s side. Despite his small stature, the fierce fella wouldn’t budge even when emergency crews arrived. Once they managed to carry the man into an ambulance, the pup nervously paced in circles, clearly upset to be separated from the man.

Watch this clip to see all the adorable devotion:


It’s a good thing they let him hop on in with his owner, or else they’d have one very angry pup on their hands. The loyalty of our pets can be a truly powerful thing.

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