A Truck Is Sinking In The River, But It’s Not Empty. This Made Me Nervous Just Watching!

The dog is certainly thankful for being saved, but he has no way to repay this type of action, he can’t even thank them! All he can do is be thankful and offer these people his friendship and loyalty.

This just goes to show that we, as a species, go way beyond economics and shallow materialism. We help other living creatures for the sake of helping others, and we do everything we can to preserve life in its most simple and most complex forms – we do everything to make the world prosper.

Unfortunately, some of the ways we end up using to reach prosperity take us in the wrong path, but we do everything we can to fix the issue as soon as possible. This might not look like it’s true, but remember that we’re billions and that things take time. Centuries ago, no one would have cared about the life of this poor dog, and now everyone did.

Perhaps in the future, we will care a lot more. So much so, we reach a perfect society. We can dream, right?

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