A Weenie Dog And A Kitten Face Off For Domination Over The Bed

Ah, the classic rivalry between cat and dog. While we all know that cats and dogs are totally capable of getting along with each other, and even becoming the very best of friends… that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some friendly rivalries going on.

For example: Sometimes a dog has just had enough of an energetic little kitten “playing” with her face. That’s when she uses her size to show the kitten who’s boss. Or, sometimes it’s completely flipped around, and the alpha cat of the household simply does not have time to deal with a playful dog’s shenanigans. Either way, these friendly scuffles are always a hoot to watch!

When a kitten tries to curl up on a bed to take a nap, this incredibly energetic dachshund doesn’t want to give up any of the ample space on the mattress. As he runs frantic circles around his territory, the cat tries to think of a defense tactic against this hyped-up pooch.

However, this pup doesn’t seem to have an off button! His sheer energy is a tough act to follow. I don’t often see a cat step down to a pooch, but this weenie dog’s really got some moxie!

The look on the pup’s face at 1:05 made me burst out in laughter… he’s clearly having the time of his life!

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