A Wet, Shivering Pup Nearly Died In This Canal – But Watch This Til The Very End

Hope For Paws is at it again, going to great lengths to save the most sick, scared, and abused dogs in the LA area.

This one pup was thrown down 30 feet into a canal, but not before a homeless man cut his foot off. The teeny dog was left in the canal for two days in unthinkable pain, waiting for what seemed like an inevitable end.
Hope for Paws received an emergency call from LA On Cloud 9, saying that they’d spotted the pup shivering down in the river.


Clearly, the little guy was in terrible shape when HFP arrived. Even if he was scared, he couldn’t move at all.


The most he could do was try to hold himself up, and to let out desperate moans for help.
After climbing out of the canal with the fragile pup, rescuers decided on the name Jordan, while carefully transporting him to the hospital.


Jordan was too weak to undergo any major surgeries for his foot right away, so he was given fluids and bandaged up until he gained enough strength.


The doctor said it was a miracle he was even alive.
The pup suffered from mange, malnutrition, and bacterial infections.


By day three, he was strong enough for a bath…


And the next day he got a blood transfusion. Soon enough, he got the surgery he needed to address his amputated foot.
And then it was off to his foster home…


Where, right away, he began to flourish.


He has the sweetest personality!
He made fast friends with his senior foster sister.


Through physical therapy and a LOT of love, Jordan has grown stronger every day.
Watch to see how well he recovers…though, I will warn you that I wept while watching this video.

I still cannot believe that anyone would be so heartless as to inflict such pain and suffering on this loving, harmless pup. Please consider making a donation to Hope For Paws to help them rescue more pups just like Jordan. It’s worth it.

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