Abandoned 6-month-old pup ‘Ghost’ found with heartbreaking note on collar

A Western Michigan animal rescue is asking for the public’s help finding the owner of ‘Ghost,’ a 6-month-old pup found with a heartbreaking note attached to her collar.

According to the rescue group, Luvnpupz,the puppy was found “hungry, cold, sad and confused.” On their Facebook page, the group posted details about the story insisting any derogatory remarks would be deleted.

“Meet ‘Ghost’…. We want to help her … and we need YOUR help. We are reaching out to our West Michigan community to help us find ‘Ghost’s’ owner so that we can work together to figure out if there is a way to return her home with some support and assistance, or to give her owner the peace in knowing that we will help find her an incredibly loving and caring new forever home by facilitating a surrender to our organization. We promise to never reveal your name.”

The brown and white, adorable coon hound had a note tied to her collar which stated,

“I am lost and looking for a home. My owner had a stroke and cannot care for me. Please don’t take me to a shelter.”

Please help us spread the word and find “Ghost’s” owner. Any information can be shared anonymously with Luvnpupz by calling/texting 616.293.4528 or messaging the Luvnpupz page. It takes a village…..and we are grateful.

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