Abandoned Boxer Found In North Philly, Saved By Timely Assistance

Meet Bear; just barely two weeks ago, he was found on a North Philadelphia street; apparently whoever had cared for him in the past didn’t care anymore and abandoned him on the sidewalk to die.

According to the Pennsylvania SPCA, when found, Bear had been too weak to walk or stand on his own. His head was sunken in and his total lack of muscles – just skin and fur over a skeletal body had been wasting away.

The clock on his life was ticking down.

The Animal Care and Control Team at Philadelphia received the emergency call about Bear and transported him back to the city shelter alerting the PSPCA’s Animal Law Enforcement team. Officers from the Pennsylvania SPCA rushed to pick up Bear and rushed him to the organization’s emergency veterinary hospital.

Upon an examination, this is what the veterinarians reported:

every bone in Bear’s body was visible. He had no body fat and an obvious loss of muscle mass. The best word to describe him was dull. he was barely hanging on, and we needed to get to work.

Bear was started on intravenous fluids and medication. Even though he ate ravenously, his portions had to be carefully controlled, but his condition still had not stabilized. He seemed to be going down hill more, and further tests were ordered. That’s when an obstruction was spotted, and Bear would need immediate surgery. In addition, his protein levels were too low and he would need an albumin transfusion.

Fortunately the medications were available; the veterinarian team performed the surgery and removed a chewed-up corn cob. He also had a hard mass in his bladder which was removed. Fortunately the mass was benign.

And now for the good news! Bear is still at the hospital, but everyday his condition is improving. Remember on his first day, he could not stand; now he has gained enough strength to go for walks and even chased a tennis ball the other day!

Yes, Bear does have a long road ahead of him until he feels great, but everyone is hopeful, and did I mention in love, with this beautiful dog. Just you wait and see how gorgeous he will be very soon.

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